Sonar scanner vsts too big

With TFS 2017, vsix plugin is too big > 20Mb and we can’t upload last plugin version.
Can you please reduce VSIX size ?


Hey there.

v5.x of the SonarScanner for Azure DevOps is not compatible with TFS 2017. The last version that was compatible with TFS 2017 can be found here (Release SonarQube extension 4.23.1 · SonarSource/sonar-scanner-vsts · GitHub) and is smaller. I believe the limit was bumped to 50 MB for TFS 2019.

Hi thanks for your help,

But we need tu use SonarQube with .Net 6, changelog says it’s only available in 5.4

Updated .NET 5 Version to be forward compatible and support .NET 6 environments

In that case, you’ll have to manually execute the Scanner for .NET, rather than use the Azure DevOps build tasks that the extension provides.

Okay, Thanks for your help :slight_smile: