Sonar scanner issue

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Is there any way by which I can know the number of times sonar scanner ran for all the projects in one month time period.


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You can easily get this from the background tasks page at either project or global level. At the global level: Administration > Projects > Background Tasks.


I am not able to get the count of sonar scans, its showing " Background Tasks

This page allows monitoring of the queue of tasks running asynchronously on the server. It also gives access to the history of finished tasks, their status and logs. Analysis report processing is the most common kind of background task."…is this the number of times sonar scans ran for that time period ?

Also its not showing all the tasks from “from date- todate”… its only showing the tasks under “to date”. reason being it can show only 100 records on that page …so matter hwat the date is it will pick 100 records. Is there any way to check for whole month in one go irrespective of number of records.

Hi @ganncamp can you please reply to my previous comments


Each analysis that completes successfully submits an analysis report to the server. Those reports are processed by background tasks server-side. Other kinds of things do take place in background tasks, but you can filter them out. So yes, the list of background tasks does represent the list of (successful) analyses.

If you need more than 100 results, you’ll need to go directly to the web service that feeds that page. You’ll find its documentation onboard at: https://your.sonarqube.instance/web_api/api/ce. Look at the activity service and adjust the page size / ps value to get more than the default 100 results.


Hi @ganncamp how to adjust page size, i am not getting ANY OPTION TO EDIT PAGE SIZE …plus what is the maximum value we can keep in page size?


You can’t adjust the page size within the interface. But you can get more records per “page” if you call the underlying web service directly.