Sonar scanner for contiki-ng (embedded system)

Hi everynone,
The environment is as follows: Sonarqube web server version: Community Edition Version 9.8 (build 63668).
For academic purpose I would like to sonar-scan contiki-ng project ( contiki-ng/contiki-ng: Contiki-NG: The OS for Next Generation IoT Devices (

I have to install a sonar scanner, but which one is best for contiki-ng: Maven, Gradlen another one?

Contiki-ng is an operating system (for wireless communication) for embedded systems.

Thank you very much.

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Hey there.

Since the repository is mostly C code – you won’t be able to analyze it with Community Edition. C/C++ analysis is available starting in Developer Edition, and there’s a lot of documentation available here on analyzing C code.

And, as it’s an open source project, you should be able to analyze this project for free on!

Thank you very much for your reply. Now I have a sonarcloud account and I ran a sonarscan of a clone of the Contiki-ng project on my Github account. The 16 jobs appear correctly completed on my Github account (build.yml on push).
However on my sonarcloud account it’s mentioned “extra configuration steps required” but I don’t see exactly the reason of this issue.
Can you help me?
Thank you.
Best regards and happy new year!

Hey there @vaxmit and happy new year!

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I believe SonarCloud is trying to guide you to add optional code coverage information.

Hi Colin,
I will check, I think that will be ok now.
Thank you.