Sonar-scanner: Empty post job


It seem since my upgrade of SonarQube Community and also my sonar-scanner version, the post job done by the process don’t print on maven log the data like:
My setup was:
org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin: & Server 8.9.LTS

[INFO] Waiting quality gate to complete…
[1792][INFO] Quality gate status: OK
[1793][INFO] Reliability Rating on New Code : 1
[1794][INFO] Security Rating on New Code : 1
[1795][INFO] Maintainability Rating on New Code : 1
[1796][INFO] Coverage : 93.1
[1797][INFO] Duplicated Lines (%) on New Code : 0.0
[1798][INFO] Duplicated Lines (%) : 0.0
[1799][INFO] Blocker Issues : 0
[1800][INFO] Condition Coverage : 85.2
[1801][INFO] Unit Test Success (%) : 100.0
[1802][INFO] Report status=success, desc=SonarQube reported QualityGate is ok, with 9 ok, 9 issues, with 9 critical
[1803][INFO] Analysis total time: 1:09.170 s

Now, I have just (I set debug mode :slight_smile: )
My setup is:
org.sonarsource.scanner.maven:sonar-maven-plugin: & Server 9.7.1

[INFO] 15:53:25.976 Waiting for the analysis report to be processed (max 300s)
[DEBUG] 15:53:25.992 GET 200 | time=16ms
[DEBUG] 15:53:31.005 GET 200 | time=10ms
[DEBUG] 15:53:31.014 GET 200 | time=8ms
[INFO] 15:53:31.026 QUALITY GATE STATUS: PASSED - View details on
[DEBUG] 15:53:31.031 Post-jobs :
[INFO] 15:53:31.036 Analysis total time: 20.212 s

I think my trouble came from Post-job feedback but, this one is empty.
In the both case, the coverage is correctly push on sonarqube.

Hey there.

This isn’t a native behavior of SonarQube (to print the metric data) – maybe you had a plugin on the old server that accomplished this that isn’t on the new server?