Sonar_Scanner_4.3 + Jenkins 2.222.1 Some analyzes do not end correctly


Some analyzes do not end correctly, on the contrary they are loading in jenkins. Here are the last lines of the log where it stays:

14: 47: 58.445 DEBUG: getRevisionForLine notfound
14: 47: 58.445 DEBUG: Revision for issue com.talanlabs.sonar.plugins.gitlab.models.Issue@2618f6ee null false
14: 47: 58.445 DEBUG: file /devops/jenkins/workspace/scanner_sonarqube/sipren-jdeveloper/devops/PRVJava/src/alfa/general/ 5020
14: 47: 58.446 DEBUG: getRevisionForLine PRVJava / src / alfa / general / Line {number = 5020, content = ‘throw new Exception (e.toString ());’}

Hours go by and it doesn’t finish correctly.

Hey there.

Looks like you’re using gabrie-allaigre/sonar-gitlab-plugin instead of SonarQube’s built-in Gitlab Integration (SonarQube v8.1 and later).

You should either get in touch with the maintainer (but I believe that plugin is deprecated) or move to the native integration. GitLab Merge Request Decoration is available with Developer Edition and higher.