Sonar Scan stuck in rule: S5135, entrypoints: 50

Hi, I’m having a particular issue with SonarScanner executed in Jenkins stage, the scan got stuck for hours at the following line

[sonar:sonar] rule: S5135, entrypoints: 50

Version used: Developer Edition
Potential workaround: I stop the Jenkins job and retry it again, sometime passes but other got stuck.

Is there a way to solve this issue by tunning the agent where sonarscanner is executed, or a fix from the SonarQube server?

Attached some images for references.


image sonar_stage


A lot of perf improvements were made on this component since the v8.1.
So the best advice I can share is to upgrade to SonarQube 8.4 that was just released.

If you still have the same problem with 8.4, then we will need more details such as a zip file of the UCFGs directory so that we can try to reproduce the problem locally.


Hello Alexandre

Thanks for your reply, I’ll do the upgrade and if I have the same issue, will communicate back with the necessary files.


Hi Alexandre, the upgrade solved the issue thanks a lot.

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