Sonar scan runs for way too long without errors

  • which versions are you using ( * Enterprise Edition* Version 8.0 with Jenkins)

  • what are you trying to achieve

  • We are just running normal scans for our COBOL programs, but one of the projects/Applications is been running for a month whilst other completed on the same day we ran the Job.
    All the jobs are configure the same
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this
  • Tried swapping the jobs around , removing copybooks scans and just scan the Programs , restarted the job but get the results it just hangs without errors.
  • Also tried to create a New project but the same problem , I thought it was because of lots of programs but a month is enough time to complete.


Welcome to the community, and thanks for this report!

I suspect you may have run into this bug:

SONARCOBOL-1559 - S4884 should not run an infinite loop when several paragraphs use the same name

I also suspect your month-to-date analysis will never finish it; you might as well go ahead & cancel it.

Would you mind confirming that you have S4884 enabled in your profile? And if so, could you try an analysis without it?