Sonar Scan Results is not getting updated when branch is changed in bitbucket Source Page

I’m using Sonarcloud with private repo and I have setup pipeline using azure devops

In bitbucket when I have selected main branch I see below results

but when the change to feature branch I don’t see updated results for feature branch

Hello @atulluta.

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Let me understand better: you’re using Azure Devops to run the pipeline, but Bitbucket to host your code? Or is it only Azure DevOps?


yes Bitbucket to host my Code and and Azure Devops to run the pipeline


Thanks for reaching out!
Currently, our Bitbucket repo widget only works for the main branch and only shows the stats of the main branch. We had plans to implement the branch support but actually never prioritized it. The idea is that you can always see the status of your other branches in the SonarCloud UI directly.

Thanks for raising the point, I’ll raise it to the team owning this widget. But I don’t think you should expect a fast fix for this.

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