Sonar scan fails if there are no class files available


I have a Java project. and using SONAR 4.0 so far.

Now upgraded to SONAR7.6 and which expects class file as an input as a mandatory key.
Like this in

Is there any way to skip this CLASS file input ? so that we can analyze the code static.

Please help.


Yes, you can bypass this check but at the same you should ask yourself why we put in place this check.
We need the bytecode to be accurate while running the Rules. Without it, you will get results but also more False-Positves. Why can’t you provide the directory containing the .class?

It’s really important to be able to build your Java project before scanning your code. If you can’t build it, you already have a huge problem because it means whatever changes you will do in that code to improve its quality, you won’t be able to deliver it in PROD because you can’t build it.

Does it make sense?


Yes. I agree. It’s important to build a project before analysis.

But, We are trying to compare the results with class files and without .classes.

So, if you can help us with Bypassing the classes, it will be helpful …