Sonar-Runner uses wrong API (Teamcity plugin)


we use the Teamcity plugin ‘Sonar Runner’ to analyze our project. This was working fine when we used SonarQube 7.6 and 7.7.
We now wanted to switch to 7.9 and it’s not working anymore. After some investigation we found out, that the plugin uses the Sonar Runner 2.4 (latest version). And this Sonar Runner is trying to send the API call “GET /batch_bootstrap/index HTTP/1.1” 200 - “-” “SonarQubeRunner/2.4” - (access.log).
Unfortunately ‘batch_bootstrap/index’ is not a valid API call, ‘batch/index’ would be correct.
Would it be possible to update the Sonar Runner so that the Teamcity plugin can be updated as well?
Or keep the old ‘batch_bootstrap’ in plcae and forward it to the new API?


  • versions used: SonarQube 7.9.1, sonar-java-plugin-, Teamcity plugin ‘Sonar runner’ 2017.1-22, Sonar Runner 2.4

  • error observed: Wrong API call from Sonar Runner 2.4: ‘’‘batch_bootstrap/index’’’
    access.log: “GET /batch_bootstrap/index HTTP/1.1” 200 - “-” “SonarQubeRunner/2.4” private static final String BOOTSTRAP_INDEX_PATH = “/batch_bootstrap/index”;
    actual API: /batch/index


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The current version of SonarScanner (there’s been some renaming) is 4.0. 2.4 is quite old. You’ll need to contact the maintainers of the TeamCity plugin to get them to upgrade.


There is a way to select a different runner in the plugin. Issue solved.