Sonar Qube Server Migration - Analysis Result shows Old URL


(Chandraprakash Sarathe) #1

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Version 7.3 (build 15553)

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We have migrated our Sonar server to new server , and facing issue in terms of Final Analysis Dashboard . It still shows the old server URL as shown in screenshot.

mvn sonar:sonar -DskipTests -Dsonar.login= sadkjsajkf -Dsonar.exclusions=/*.css,/.sql,**/.xml

  • steps to reproduce

Migrate sonar DB
Migrate Sonar Setup from one server to another
Run Sonar Analysis with new hostURL

  • potential workaround

  • Addtionally see-

Old Server –
mvn sonar:sonar -DskipTests -Dsonar.login=sadkjsajkf -Dsonar.exclusions=/*.css,/.sql,**/.xml

New Server –

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(Scott) #2


You must update the “Server base URL” property in the SonarQube settings: