Sonar quality gates

Hi, I’m not getting Sonar/quality gates in the drop down in the branch policies I’m getting only Sonar/code coverage when raising the PR it only doing the code coverage not showing the quality gates

Hi @teja14312
Could you share a bit more about this issue ?
Screenshots, …


I’m getting this but not the sonar cloud/quality gate?

Hey @teja14312

Whatever status is appearing isn’t coming from SonarCloud, so I would suggest ignoring it right now.

  • Have you successfully completed a Pull Request Analysis on a Pull Request in Azure DevOps? (Can you see the results for the pull request in the SonarCloud UI?)
  • Is your organization/project bound or unbound? Understand the difference here

But whenever I raise a PR the Quality Gates should be displayed in the checks but I’m not getting that when a PR was raised. And for other project I’m getting the Quality gate check?

Hey @teja14312, I really can’t help you if you don’t answer the questions I asked in my previous response

Hey @Colin I completed a PR request in Azure Devops and I see the results on the sonar cloud dashboard. I am not sure whether it has been bound or unbound as it was created long back

You can determine if a project is bound by looking for the ALM symbol by checking for this symbol next to your project name.

Hi, I’m not getting the symbol next to the project name. But I have any other project I’m able to get the quality gates for that project but I’m not getting for other project that my question?

Hey @teja14312

When I ask you follow-up questions I’m not doubting that there’s an issue, just trying to collect the necessary information to provide a useful response.

Since the project is not bound, please check that for this project, under Administration > General Settings > Pull Requests the PR Provider and Personal Access Token is configured.

Hello. The PAT token was configured but I have a question: are PAT tokens the same for all projects in the sonar cloud or do they vary by project?

For unbound projects, you have to specify a token at the project-level. For bound projects, the organization token will be used if a project-level token is not specified.

So, I specified the token to the Sonar cloud Project and still I haven’t seen the “Sonarcloud/quality gate” in the Status checks( Branch Policies)

Update on this? Is there any premium support as we are paying to sonar cloud?