got a lil question about the .sonar.properties file for the automatic analysis.
My project structure is mono repo e.g. devided into apps ,modules , libs. Just a really simplification shown below:

- app1
  - module1
    - ... .ts
    - ... .test.ts
  - module2
   - ...
  - module3
- app2
  - ...
- ...
- libs
  - lib1
    - ... .test
    - ... .test.ts
  - ...

Its a Node.js/Nest.js app with TypeScript.

Now i want to set up the .sonar.properties config. As source i want e.g. module1 and model3, same models should include in the sonar.test property.

Is it correct that i just seperate the path with a comma like sonar.source= ./src/module1,./sry/module2…

Would like to see a more complex example as the example from the official docs


Welcome to the community!

Automatic analysis isn’t supported for monorepos.

Regarding your configuration, the docs specify

Comma-separated paths to directories containing…

for both properties.


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Thanks, now my config stands for now.

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