Sonar PR Decoration checks tab not getting values from sonarqube

Hi Team ,
We are experiencing a strange issue with sonar PR decoration . Which is somewhat similar to below link
Git hub check tabs shows “waiting for checks information” and also conversation not showing comments - Get help / SonarQube - SonarSource Community

But we have a little different issue like communication between sonarqube server and github is happening and results are coming on conversation tab but nothing coming on checks tab .It’s always showing waiting for the checks information like that .


checks tab

sonarqube_ce (1).log (81.6 KB)

Hello @krishnap ,

What version of SQ are you using? Is it GitHub Enterprise or you have a trouble with?

Could you double-check app permissions as described in the docs here?


Hi @jacek.poreda

Thanks for your comment.

We are using Github Enterprise
Sonar Qube vrsion is = Developer Edition Version 8.5.1

We will also check the app permission once again and update you back.
Johnson Varghese

Hi @jacek.poreda,

We have compared the permissions and all the permissions are given same as documented.
Still we could not find where the exact issue happening. Kindly help us to find the root cause of this issue.

Johnosn Varghese

Hi @johnsonkv91 @jacek.poreda ,

On the attached log file you can ignore below error ,since we have already fixed it by providing the actual project repo id .

The attached log file consist of multiple run so that it made some confusion . Please refer last run which doesn’t have any relevant information regarding the issue .

2021.03.24 06:46:26 WARN ce[AXhi–vDlKhwsP8uChCq][c.s.C.D.E.B] Pull request decoration failed
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Pull request decoration failed: Pull request decoration failed: can’t access the GitHub repository ‘cta-crui / crui-services’. Check that the repo ID is correct and that the GitHub App has permissions to access it.

Hey @johnsonkv91 and @krishnap ,

Are you working together or you just have same issue? I don’t know to whom I should answer to.

@krishnap Could you verify if application you have provided for github PR decoration has an access to a repository you are trying to connect to?

You can check if the application you have configured is installed by: going to your repository Settings → Integrations


Thanks for your reply and I am handling this ticket now FYI.

Integration with GitHub and Sonar is fine as I rereferred the Sonar & GitHub documents, even I checked the GitHub App configuration and App permissions, all looks good as per my understanding. But you can see below warning message attached, maybe that will give you a lead I hope.


Still we are getting a message “Waiting for checks information” under GitHub pull request’s checks tab.

Johnson Varghese


Thanks for this information. Indeed it is helpful.

According to last warning message in logs, it seems like commit of the analysis could not be found. Is referenced hash code correspond to what you have in repo?

Also what build tool are you using? And could you share what command are you using to execute sonar analysis?