Sonar plugin filter issues with branch

In a plugin, I need to filter project issues belonging to a project branch. How could I do this using the sonar plugin Java api?
Thanks for your help

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Hi @RobertPastor

Few questions to better understand:

Are you asking for a way to exclude all issues reported in a specific branch?
Why do you need to do that from a plugin?
Why analyzing this branch in the first place, if you plan to ignore all issues?

The purpose of the plugin is to transfer issue status, resolution, comments, from issues in a master branch to matching issues in a target branch (short lived).
There are conditions to make these transfers.
By the time where this post was written we were using an old version of the sonar-ws without any mean in the issue search to set a branch.
We did upgrade to version 6.7 and the setbranch method is there.
Sorry for the disturbance.

Our work is based upon the following plugin


Thanks for the follow up.