Sonar-OpenAPI Plugin

I have developed custom rules for analyzing OpenAPI specification using below link as reference.

This custom plugin works well with SonarQube 7.0 but it doesn’t work on the higher versions above 7.0

Probably time to bump up that sonar.version variable and see what needs updating! API Changes can be found here

Thank you for responding!!

My query is does sonar-openapi is being supported by the latest versions of SonarQube ie 8.2 or above.
As per the below link, am unable find sonar-openapi in the list:-

It’s a community-supported plugin that chooses (consciously or not) to not have a presence in the Marketplace, so it won’t be in the Plugin Version Matrix. You should probably raise an issue on their GitHub repository for any questions.

Thank you for the pointers. Yes, i did raised an issue with the community on their GitHub repository. Awaiting reply from them.

However this plugn works well with SonarQube 7.0 but it crashes the SonarQube instance when i tried with 8.2 which my organization is using.

It gives below error:-

│ sonarqube 2020.11.16 20:40:16 INFO ce[[o.s.c.c.CePluginRepository] Load plugins │
│ sonarqube 2020.11.16 20:40:17 ERROR ce[[] Compute Engine startup failed │
│ sonarqube java.lang.NullPointerException: null │
│ sonarqube at org.sonar.core.platform.PluginLoader.basePluginKey( │
│ sonarqube at org.sonar.core.platform.PluginLoader.defineClassloaders( │
│ sonarqube at org.sonar.core.platform.PluginLoader.load(

Any suggestion/idea as how to fix the above error.


Hi Colin,

I have posted the error m getting while using this plugin with SonarQube 8.2 instance.

Any help on the solution would really be helpul.


Hey there.

We (SonarSource) aren’t the maintainers of this plugin or the API it exposes to create custom rules. I really encourage some patience on your part to allow the maintainers to respond. :slight_smile:

Hi Colin,

It would be really helpful if you can help with some pointers for the issue based on the logs i have shared in my earlier post as I have not received any update from the plugin community on the issue i had posted in the github repository.


Would really appreciate any help in this regards