sonar.javascript.lcov.reportPaths is not working any more

From 23 June, sonar-scanner cannot analysis my javascript application any more. Here is my settings:


And here is the log from sonar-scan:

INFO: Analysing [/Users/tao/git/change-publisher/coverage/]
WARN: Could not resolve 7 file paths in [/Users/tao/git/change-publisher/coverage/], first unresolved path:/Users/tao/git/change-publisher/src/consumptionPublisher/consumptionPublisher.js

I know the consumptionPublisher.js is existing. But Sonar-scanner just cannot find it. So my coverage drops to 0.

Is this a Sonar-scanner bug?




Are you sure about the date? It’s only June 20 today:)

Does problem still persist? Indeed there was a bug in coverage around that time (8 days ago), but bug fix was released quickly.

Here is a link to topic discussing the bug from a few days ago, the fix was already deployed on SonarCloud JS coverage doesn't work anymore .

Sorry for the inconvenience.