Sonar HTML Report Generation

Recently we upgraded to Sonar version 6.7.

We have developed an in-house language plug-in to manage Code Quality.
It is a proprietary language and IDE, it doesn’t support SonarLint plugin.

We usually use Sonar runner on local developer box, analyze and generate HTML report for verification before check-in the code.

HTML reports are removed now, therefore what is the alternative solution to do client Developer local analysis before we check-in the code? How can we verify the issue for proprietary languages?


Welcome to the community! You don’t mention your SCM, but since you can’t use SonarLint, the free replacement, what’s left a slightly different workflow that uses feature branches and branch/PR analysis. Note that this feature is only available with commercial editions.


Thank you, Ann.

We are using perforce - SCM.

I will explore the PR analysis feature.