Sonar github app using a soon to be deprecated event

I am currently running Sonar 7.9.3 utilizing pull request decoration. I recently received an e-mail that these two events were going to be deprecated, “integration_installation” and “integration_installation_repositories”.

Are these items addressed in the 8.0.0+ version of Sonar or is this something that I need to address in my integration between my Sonar instance and Github?


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This should help:

I don’t know if those are the same thing since our notice didn’t have anything to do with access tokens.



I believe we’ll address all the deprecations in 8.5.


Sorry to resurrect an older topic, but are there plans to backport this to the LTS version of SonarQube?

My understanding is that removal of this deprecated endpoint will break GitHub integration. This sounds like the sort of blocking issue that an LTS should include to avoid forcing users to prematurely upgrade to a non-LTS version.

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There aren’t any plans to back-port this; isn’t officially supported by the current LTS (talk to me in a few months…).

And for the record, this change was made in 8.4.2 which was released a couple weeks ago now; on reflection we realized that holding it for 8.5 make the upgrade timeline really tight.


It seems there are two deprecation notice emails from GitHub floating around. The first was an endpoint which was resolved in This thread is about some webhook event deprecations that appears to not have been resolved (we upgraded our instance to 8.4.2 and are still receiving these notices).

What will be the impact of this not being fixed in time for Oct 1st? Will it break the GitHub integration? Will it break only for configuring new integrations or for existing ones as well? Is there a ticket to track the fix?

Yes. I also received those deprecation email, after I’ve updated SonarQube to 8.4.2.
Are there any other steps besides upgrading to the latest 8.4.2?

Hi, the warning about the event integration_installation_repositories and integration_installation can be safely ignored.

These events are sent by GitHub because you checked the Webhook->Active checkbox while creating your GitHub application, while it is not needed. To be honest, our documentation is not very clear about this, and we should recommend disabling Webhook during GitHub App creation, to not create any noise like this.

if you want to silence the deprecation warning, you can get back to your GitHub application and uncheck this Active Webhook checkbox.

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Ticket for documentation update is tracked down here.

I believe the GitHub App will stop working if you are still calling these events. So, for 8.2 anyway, you may have to turn off webhooks for the GitHub Checks to work. I am testing now and will update with findings as ours had stopped working.

This did not solve our issue. Seemingly, on 8.2, the GitHub app will not work after these changes were made by GitHub. Not sure where to go next.

Take a peek at this thread:

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Thanks Colin, I was afraid this was an upgrade situation