Sonar for COBOL and comment lines

Hi all,
I’m configuring SonarClound for COBOL and I’m wondering if the comment lines are including in the total lines count.

Does anybody know something about it?

Thank you

Hi @Fabio,

here you will find the information related to the metrics, especially about Lines of Code, Total LOC, Comment lines etc…

Comment lines ( comment_lines )
Number of lines containing either comment or commented-out code.
Lines of code ( ncloc )
Number of physical lines that contain at least one character which is neither a whitespace nor a tabulation nor part of a comment.

Language-specific details

Language Note
COBOL Generated lines of code and pre-processing instructions ( SKIP1 , SKIP2 , SKIP3 , COPY , EJECT , REPLACE ) are not counted as lines of code.

Lines of code per language ( ncloc_language_distribution )
Non Commenting Lines of Code Distributed By Language