Sonar coverage is not displayed for one of the solution when run in loop

Hi… We are using sonar scanner version 4.4 for our c#.Net project. Nunit 2.6 and Open Cover 4.5
One of the solution doesn’t show coverage when MSBuild step runs in loop (includes around 30 solutions file) eventhough build step is success and OpenCover xml also gets parsed.
Same project when run individually shows coverage.
Any Idea on this issue? Any suggestions will be helpful.

When In loop along with other projects

When one solution is built

Hi @Shruthi_B_S,

What do you mean by running in a loop? (The attached image does not load for me).

Could you please run the analysis with verbose mode enabled (using /d:sonar.verbose=true parameter on the begin step) and share with us the output from begin and end steps?