Sonar cloud scan option is not in Branch policy (azure devops)

Need help :

  1. Scan option is not visible in Azure branch policies , how can i configure it?
  2. How to add auto send report .

Hey there.

The SonarCloud branch policy becomes available after an analysis with successful Pull Request Decoration (SonarCloud decorating your Azure DevOps PR with results).

Have you successfully integrated your build pipeline with SonarCloud? Take a look at the documentation on the Azure DevOps Extension for SonarCloud

yes i have integrated successfully , but not getting the option sonar scan in branch policy.
and need to know how can i enable the feature of auto send quality gate report to Email.

@Colin sonarcloud intergration is done as per process which in the doc still issue is same and not getting the option sonar scan in branch policy

@Colin please give the solution for sonar cloud is not populating “sonar cloud/quality gate” status check policy

Hey there.

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Hey again.

The first thing worth checking is that a Pull Request Analysis has actually been performed. Do you see pull requests listed under the Pull Requests section of your project?

Hi @Colin yes I am able to see pull request list under pull request section.