Sonar cloud latest commit redirection is not happening

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I faced a scenario wherein in the user machine, the circleci build associated with the sonar cloud, got ran successfully. In that run, I could see that sonar scan step is successfully ran. But in the sonarcloud UI page, the latest commit of the branch has not got updated. Even with my scan, new commit from the GitHub cannot been seen in the sonarcloud page for the same branch. also i could see in the code execution response that redirection is not happening post the successful build execution.
and is there any way for troubleshooting this particular case ? What if we may want to consider saving the sonar output as a file and uploading it to artifacts, so troubleshooting is easier in the future?

Can i expect any suggestion or solution for that ?


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On the topic of

It sounds like either the background task hadn’t finished processing yet when you looked, or it failed. You can check that at Administration → Background Tasks.

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