Sonar Cloud analysis keeps trying to analyze non-existant & excluded files

I have pipeline in which the looks like this:

However, analysis fails with this error:

##[error]java.lang.RuntimeException: java.nio.file.FileSystemException: e:\a_work\2100\s\thirdparty\googletest\googletest\include\gtest\gtest-message.h: The device is not ready.

There is no e: drive. Nothing is specified, (that I can see) that points to an E: drive anywhere, and I think, the exclusions of /*.h,/googletest*/* should resolve this error and keep sonarcloud from attempting analysis on this file.

Can anyone shed some light on why the analysis keeps insisting on trying to analyze for code-coverage non-existent google-test files? (This is a unit test project, btw…)

Hello @cb2020, welcome to our Community!

To me your exclusion pattern looks different from the allowed wildcards we support. The pattern **/*googletest**/* looks wrong to me, since there is an directory wildcard after the file name (the second **). Can you fix it and try again? I think you can use something like a_work\2100\s\thirdparty\googletest/**/*, but i don’t know the project structure. If you get another/same error, please can you provide the scanner log output? Thanks!