Sonar analysis overview shows less number of Majors,blockers,criticals

Hello Community, My sonar analysis overview shows less number of Majors,blockers,criticals but when I scroll to issues it shows different count

In the first screenshot you’ve filtered to Bugs, and the numbers have adjusted to only relate to bugs. In the second screenshot, you’ve made no filter, so the numbers represent the overall count (including bugs, vulnerabilities, code smells…)

@colin: Thank you for help. Is there any way we can export analysis report in excel/csv containing list of blocker/major like that using web api in community edition

Take a look at this guide:

Hi Colin looks like its has limit of 500 can we increase that or how can we fetch values more than 500

Welcome to the world of API Pagination. :smiley:

You’ll find the documentation for how to set the number of results returned (and how to get the next page) by looking at the Web API documentation (always linked in the footer of your SonarQube instance).

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I was able to collect data in csv format using powershell script along with Web API.
Thank you

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