Sonar.ada.gnathub.db is not defined

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I am trying to perform code analysis.
I have using sonar scanner 4.0 and Sonar Comm. version 7.9.3

The code analysis results are not getting to the SonarQube.dashboard

I will include extract of the logs. this is mainly after the scanner -X has been called.

There is a mixture of C++ and ADA code here.
The ADA side seems to be causing the issue at this moment…

3:28:45.672 INFO: Sensor Ada Code Highlighting Sensor [ada] (done) | time=1876ms
13:28:45.672 INFO: Sensor GNAThub Issues Import [ada]
13:28:45.940 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:28:45.940 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:28:45.941 INFO: Total time: 1:53.327s
13:28:46.068 INFO: Final Memory: 32M/120M
13:28:46.068 INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------
13:28:46.069 ERROR: Error during SonarQube Scanner execution
org.sonar.squidbridge.api.AnalysisException: sonar.ada.gnathub.db is not defined in the project properties file
at org.sonar.plugins.ada.GNAThub.(

Any Ideas?

Hey there.

Looks like your issue is with this community plugin – you should raise an issue with the maintainer.


Couldn’t see any links here to raise the issue.


Probably the Issues tab of the repository is a good bet.

All done. Thanks Colin.

Any Ideas how I can get rid of this error? It happens around 50% of the time with the sonar-scanner 4.0
This seems to be a timeou issue when the socket finally gives up and closes.

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Fail to request https://sonar-server/api/settings/values.protobuf