Sonar 3.7.4 compatibility with SQL Server 2012


Do you know if Sonar 3.7.4 is compatible with SQL Server 2012?.

We know that our client has a very old Sonar version, but they are going to migrate the SQL Server 2008 to 2012 and the documentation about Sonar 3.7.4 is no longer active.

Thank you and regards!.

I’m going to guess not because this documentation for v4.4 says support for SQL Server 2012 was scheduled for Q4 2014 ( v3.7 of SonarQube was released August 2013.

Just to emphasise how old this version of SonarQube is (and the support you can expect, which is really none except help upgrading) – there are 13 SonarSourcers (of now 100+!) who were around when v3.7 was released.

Your client should seriously consider upgrading (or starting fresh on the latest version, SonarQube results now vs. then are very hard to compare)

We know the Sonar version is old, but they are not going to upgrade it because it is on its deadline (the Sonar installation is going to dissapear soon).

But meanwhile, the SQL Server has another instances that remain, so they are going to update it.

I´ve seen a link on Stackoverflow saying that Sonar 3.7.2 is not compatible with SQL Server 2012, so i guess that Sonar 3.7.4 neither is:

But I just want to be sure.

Thank you and best regards again!