Some translation are missing

Hi Community,

I installed SonarQube for the first time. After the installation (version I found out, that some translation are missing (instead of the word there are translation keys displayed).
Some places where translations are missing:

  1. The wizard that creates a new project (from Azure)
  2. On the SAML config section the save button has the value: -[site-root]/admin/settings?category=authentication
  3. The whole page where the tokens are handled -[site-root/account/security]

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you

Hi Kristijan,

What 3rd-party plugins do you have installed? We’ve seen that some of them interfere like this.


It is indeed a plugin. I will contact them.
Thank you for your answer.

PS: I know this issue it is just an annoyance, but it would be nice for the system to be more isolated from the faulty plugins (just a thaught for when you developers will have some spare time :stuck_out_tongue:) Otherwise, I have to say that I like SonarQube very much.

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That’s actually why we’ve warned that you use 3rd-party plugins at your own risk. From the blog:

if we closed all the doors, plugins wouldn’t be able to accomplish much, so they still have access to a powerful API. And we don’t have plans to change that. We don’t want to interfere with plugins’ ability to deliver value or your ability to use them.

But we do think you should be clear-eyed about using plugins.


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