Some SonarQuber queries

Hello Team,
I perform my Code analysis using Sonarqube Community Edition and have some queries related to properties of Sonarqube.

  • I would like to have an understanding about “sonar.projectCreation.mainBranchName” property. My understanding is that whatever branch value (be it Release Sprint branch or develop or master) I specify against it, Sonarqube will scan the code on that branch. Kindly correct me if my understanding goes incorrect

  • Secondly, I specified the value as “30 days” at the project level as the benchmark for the “New Code”. However, when the report is getting generated it states that the New code dates back to 2023. Ideally as per the setting it should show the new code as dating back to “Dec 23”. Am I missing something?


Hello all,
The second point is sorted. NOTHING TO DO



The property provides the name of the branch currently under analysis.


Thnx Ann.