Some issues are newly reported from an old file

Hello experts,

I’m using sonarqube website setup for my organization, the version is Enterprise Edition, Version 8.9.9 (build 56886).

I have two projects. One is 2.3 MLOC, the other is 6.1 MLOC. Both projects are mixed of C++ and C# code. The smaller project looks fine. But on the larger project, I found a lot of new issues are reported from old files without any change over the last few years. And some issues are repeatedly closed and reopened as new issues automatically. What can be the reason?

Thank you very much!

Hey there.

Schlumberger has a pretty well established relationship with SonarSource Support – and questions like this can get very complicated. I would recommend speaking to your SonarQube admins to reach out through the enterprise support channel.

Thank you very much! It’s first time I know that, will contact support engineer then.

Hi @chenyujun536 ,

I got the same issue. Could you share the way to contact the support engineer team?