[Solved] Error message in PostgreSQL logs for missing column id in projects table


We use Sonarqube 8.3.1 and before the version 7.9.1 with a PostgreSQL 10 database.

In PostgreSQL logs, we have this message (approximately as it is translate from french) all times :

< 2020-07-20 22:52:20.539 CEST >ERROR: Column p.id does not exist at character 20
< 2020-07-20 22:52:20.539 CEST >INSTRUCTION : select

     p.organization_uuid as organizationUuid,
     p.uuid as uuid,
     p.uuid_path as uuidPath,
     p.project_uuid as projectUuid,
     p.module_uuid as moduleUuid,
     p.module_uuid_path as moduleUuidPath,
     p.main_branch_project_uuid as mainBranchProjectUuid,
     p.kee as kee,
     p.name as name,
     p.long_name as longName,
     p.description as description,
     p.tags as tagsString,
     p.qualifier as qualifier,
     p.scope as scope,
     p.language as language,
     p.root_uuid as rootUuid,
     p.path as path,
     p.enabled as enabled,
     p.copy_component_uuid as copyComponentUuid,
     p.private as isPrivate,
     p.created_at as createdAt

     from projects p
       p.uuid in

When looking at projects table in database, its structure is missing a lot of columns for this request :

sonar_db=# \d+ projects
Table “public.projects”

Column Type Collation Nullable Default Storage Stats target Description
uuid character varying(40) not null extended
kee character varying(400) not null extended
qualifier character varying(10) not null extended
organization_uuid character varying(40) not null extended
name character varying(2000) extended
description character varying(2000) extended
private boolean not null plain
tags character varying(500) extended
created_at bigint plain
updated_at bigint not null plain

“pk_new_projects” PRIMARY KEY, btree (uuid)
“uniq_projects_kee” UNIQUE, btree (kee)
“idx_qualifier” btree (qualifier)

It doesn’t seems to generate error in Sonarqube but it’s disturbing.

Does this behavior normal or not ?


Hello, is there any error on the SonarQube logs ? (web.log, ce.log)


I see none.

that’s weird, there is no such sql request in SonarQube 8.3.1 sourcecode. So that may be from a plugin, or another application.

Finally, an old Sonarqube (version 7.6) was running on another server but connected to the same database.

The error message was from this instance.

Thanks for your help.

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