Simplify binding with self signed certificates

Our enterprise SQ server running on our internal network just has a self signed cert. Currently i don’t see screens to allow me to specify a truststore that SonarLint can use to connect with SonarQube. The solution seems to be adding the SQ cert to the system-wide java trust store. This is clumsy and a maintenance problem in an enterprise environment. I would like to see the ability to specify a trust store added to the SonarLint screens for connecting to SonarQube server.

Hello @kozkat,

As you likely know, certificates management is not a SonarLint concern but a Java topic. SonarLint runs on a JVM which is expected to be well configured, with an appropriate truststore. So this:

is the mainstream way to go. Usually, in an enterprise context, JVMs are provided on workstations with everything needed to work according to the enterprise standards (stamped version, config, libs, truststore, etc.).

As SonarLint runs on the Eclipse platform, you can read more details about it into their Security: KeyStore support for Eclipse page. Essentially, it says the same, with many more Java details.

I hope it will make sense to you.