SimpleCov condition coverage support

SimpleCov now supports Branch Coverage GitHub - simplecov-ruby/simplecov: Code coverage for Ruby with a powerful configuration library and automatic merging of coverage across test suites by enabling enable_coverage :branch

I’m using SimpleCov version 0.21.0 & it worked on my local. But when I run the analysis in SonarCloud, it looks like it’s ignored, so it only shows line coverage.

It looks like this in the coverage.json:

"file.rb": {
      "lines": [
      "branches": [
          "type": "then",
          "start_line": 6,
          "end_line": 6,
          "coverage": 2
          "type": "else",
          "start_line": 8,
          "end_line": 8,
          "coverage": 3

Did I miss something? or it’s not supported yet?
Thank you.