Setting up CI-based pull request analysis via Jenkins to an Android project

  • ALM: Github
  • CI: Jenkins

I’d like to set up a build-based pull request analysis for my Android project (gradle scanner) to provide code coverage via Kover (which outputs a jacoco XML report). However, we use Jenkins for our CI system which currently doesn’t have SonarCloud integration. I have looked at the documentation but couldn’t find any specific instructions on how to do this. Am I supposed to follow the instructions for branch analysis to support build-based pull request analysis and integrate that into my Jenkins pipeline buildscript that is run on Github pull requests?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hey there.

When executing the scan, you will need to provide these analysis parameters, most probably deriving the correct values based on environment variables available in your pipeline.

I’ll add this post to my internal championing of adding auto-detection for Jenkins on SonarCloud like we have for SonarQube. :pray:

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