Search/Filter for Branches and PR is not working


we are using SonarQube 10.4.1 onPremise and have observed the following problem:

When opening a project, there is a select box to choose a different branch or pull request, which can be filtered using its search field. This filtering does not work. When a text is entered, there is an exception in the console of the browser dev tools.

Edge and Chrome show:

Menu.tsx:133  Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toLowerCase')
    at o (Menu.tsx:133:38)
    at Menu.tsx:136:35
    at Array.filter (<anonymous>)
    at Menu.tsx:135:56
    at index.js:55893:5
    at cn (lodash.js:10401:23)
    at $o (lodash.js:10450:18)
    at Vo (lodash.js:10438:18)

Firefox shows a different error on same lines:

Uncaught TypeError: s.title is undefined
    o Menu.tsx:133
    a Menu.tsx:136
    zlt Menu.tsx:135
    _ index.js:55893
    Lodash 8
    U index.js:55904
    z index.js:55907
    React 21
    X9e scheduler.production.min.js:13
    W9e scheduler.production.min.js:14
    <anonymous> task.js:62
    zWe task.js:36
    evt task.js:47
    uz task.js:85
    Y outBIMYN2XL.js:1
    Mvt es.promise.constructor.js:16
    Y outBIMYN2XL.js:1
    nGt es.promise.js:3
    Y outBIMYN2XL.js:1
    sBt index.js:139
    Y outBIMYN2XL.js:1
    <anonymous> index.ts:23
    <anonymous> index.ts:80

This is very annoying, as we have many branches and pull requests in this list and now have to scroll through it to select a different branch or PR.


Hey there!

I’m really sorry for the late reply here.

I can’t reproduce this on the latest version of SonarQube, v10.5. Can you give it a try?

Hi @Colin ,

I tried it on SonarQube 10.5 and was able to reproduce it, but for some projects it works. So there seems to be something in these projects or their branches or PRs which causes this problem. Both, projects with the problem and those without, are in the same monorepo, so they should share the same branches and PRs. There are many branches and PRs, so I couldn’t verify this.


Hey @Carsten_HB

If you can arrive on any specifically reproducible scenario (like project key and branch name that leads to the issue), we’ll be happy to investigate further.