SCM Sensor (TFS 2015) takes over 7 hours to complete


(Jacob Holding) #1

When running a scan as part of a TFS2015 build, SCM sensor takes over 7 hours to pull the information, and build expires before complete.

Is there any way to see logs to understand why it takes so long?

for comparison other similar code bases have taken 2-3 hours

(Krzysztof Jazgara) #2


You need to provide more info:

  • which scm are you using?
  • the TFS build logs should capture the execution time - have a look where the majority time is spent on
  • if needed you can bump up the verbosity with sonar.verbose=true parameter added to the scanner


(Jacob Holding) #3


we are using TFVCS. The build logs don’t help, it spends a few seconds on all other steps and then ~7 hours in the end sonarqube step.

I will give the verbose logs a try and see if that helps.


(Krzysztof Jazgara) #4

Hello Jacob,

we are using TFVCS.

So probably you are using this plugin
This is a community plugin - supported and maintained by community thus the best would be to look for help throughout the Issues page of its GitHub repo.