SCM Integration (Git) fails on Windows Docker container

I’m analyzing my .NET project inside a Windows Docker container and noticed that SonarScanner or better the SCM Integration will fail. The SCM Integration tries to run git config --system --edit which fails with exit code: 4294967295.

INFO: SCM provider for this project is: git
INFO: 334 files to be analyzed
DEBUG: readpipe [git, --version],C:\Program Files\Git\cmd
DEBUG: readpipe may return 'git version'
DEBUG: remaining output:
DEBUG: readpipe [git, config, --system, --edit],C:\Program Files\Git\cmd
exited with code 4294967295

This issue is reproducible. If you run git config --system --edit as Docker CMD on, you will get the same exit code or error.

Please notice, that e. g. git config –system --list or other commands work fine. Any Idea how to solve the issue? Until now, I have disabled the SCM Integration with: sonar.scm.disabled=True.