Scan results doesn't seems to be good despite the fact the job was successful

My repo is hosted on GitHub, and I am using Circle CI . I am using the official ORBs of Sonarcloud to perform a scan of my project

. The scan is successful on the level at the level of the pipeline, but the upload result isn’t what I am expected. When I switch to the automatic scan I can see huge difference.

Hey there.

What language(s) are you scanning? What is the difference when you switch to automatic analysis?

and this is the difference


Your first scan looks like a Pull Request analysis (only raising issues on changed code) whereas your second screenshot looks like the analysis of a branch (analyzing all code), be sure not to confuse the two!

Additionally, keep in mind the CircleCI Orb is really meant for projects that ould traditionally be analyzed with the SonarScanner CLI. If you’re using Java, you probably should go for the SonarScanner for Maven or SonarScanner for Gradle.

Thanks, this why I configure it on my CI, normally when there is a new push it will trigger the pipeline and we should expect a result

The orb really won’t help you if you’re using Gradle. Please refer to the documentation on the SonarScanner for Gradle (and running gradle sonarqube)

On my understanding, it seems like you said the orbs is mot owrking properly for gradle project?

The Orb will perform a sonar-scanner command, which is not what we suggest using for Java/Gradle projects for an accurate analysis. We suggest using the SonarScanner for Gradle.