Scan only scans pom.xml? BB pipeline, Java/Maven project

  • CI system used Bitbucket Cloud
  • Languages of the repository: Java/Maven

New setup -

  1. followed the BB Cloud setup steps on a branch (not the main branch).
  2. ran the pipeline, it showed up as a scan in Sonarcloud, but the only file scanned was pom.xml. Code is set up in the “normal” way, with a src/main/java directory, so we were expecting that directory to be scanned?
    We have not merged into the main (default) branch yet, that PR will happen automatically when a release is cut. Which should happen in a day or so. The main question we have at this point is - how do we scan the whole code repo?

Hey there.

If the only changes you made in your Pull Request are to the pom.xml file, it’s expected that this is the only file to appear (as pull requests only analyze changed files/lines).

Once merged into your main branch, you should see a full analysis of the main branch.

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