Scan a website: Wordpress

Hi All,
Which versions are you using

  • SonarQube Version: 8.7.1
  • SonarScanner Version: 4.6
  • Operating System: Windows 64-bit

What are you trying to achieve.
I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to scan all the files (php, javascript, CSS, …) of a website that uses the Wordpress CMS.

What have you tried so far to achieve this.
I read a lot of documents relating to this task but I did not find anything concrete.

NB: I am a beginner with Sonarqube and I really need help.

Hi Ange, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

Sure. We don’t care per se whether it’s Wordpress, but we’ll analyze all of those file types. Invoking the sonar-scanner from the top level directory of the website project should do it.

Hi Jeff,
I am delighted to read you.
Really thank you for your help.
Can you help me by giving me the syntax we need to use to scan the top level directory of the website project.

It’s in the documentation I linked above!