Same user email for a GitHub and Azure organization not (simply) possible?

Hi, new here

Is it true that it is not possible to login with a GitHub user and a Azure user if they share the same email address?

Because that is the setup we have, that some of our GitHub users use the same email as the Azure user,

and when a colleague wanted to log in, he got some scary message that if he continues, the email will be removed from the first account, the data will not be erased but no longer receive email notifications or have issues automatically assigned to it

We have the Azure Org since quite a while, and start with Github now, and a lot of users share the email for the Azure and GitHub users. how are we supposed to handle that?

Thanks for your help

Hi @a4z , welcome to the community.

This is the current way on how things are handled on SonarCloud. For the time you’re logged in with your new GitHub account, you won’t receive any notifications assigned to your “Azure DevOps” identity.
But when you log in back with Azure, everything should be back to normal.

We don’t have yet any alternatives to give you, I’ll pass on the feedback to our product teams.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Thank you for the response Mickael, even if it’s not the news I hoped for.

Please let me know when you have any news on the topic.
The message people see when they want to join Sonar with the Github account is creating confusion.
And for the admin team, since it’s the same for both, choosing which messages to not receive is not a pleasant choice.

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Thanks for the feedback on this ! And we will definitely communicate at some point if we will work on this experience. In the mean time, I flagged this topic internally for my product colleagues.

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