Same number of issues are reported for all directories under 'File' tab (shown correctly for all '.cs' files) in SonarQube and not able to view the source code for the issues


(Shilpa) #1

Hello ,

I am trying to analyse C# code using MSBuild sonar scanner.
SonarQube : 6.7.4 (build 38452)
MSBuild sonar scanner :
Sonar C# Plugin : 7.2 build 5463
FxCop plugin : 1.3

If you navigate to ‘Issues’ -> ‘Files’ from SonarQube, there are directories and files (.cs) listed for the same rule.
It has reported same number of issues for different directories and i am not able to navigate to the file if i click on any particular issue. There are some issues reported for the ‘.cs’ files as well and here i am able to navigate to the file. The following image explains this. Here i have selected only one rule : CA1709: Identifiers should be cased correctly

I feel something is wrong here as it is showing directories and ‘.cs’ files under ‘File’ tab for the same rule and also the same number of issues for all directories. It is the same if i select any other rule as well.

Please help me if any one knows more about it.

Thanks in advance,