Running build-wrapper with emake backend results in empty build-wrapper-dump.json file

My tool for compilation is - emake, it is a kind of distributed make on Linux. I am trying to run build-wrapper to analyze c++ code using the sonarcfamily plugin.
If I just prepend the build-wrapper command and specify the --out-dir parameter and the build-wrapper-json file is almost empty, containing version 0, and empty contains field.
When running with standard make, it works fine and the json file is generated fine. However, it is not feasible to use standard make, as the compilation time is the order of hours with make, and in the orders of minutes with emake.
Please advise on how to setup build-wrapper with emake.

Hi @bjbj,

I am sorry but we are not supporting electric-cloud emake, I don’t know how it works and cannot tell you if it could work with build-wrapper. For your information build-wrapper follows process creation recording compiler configuration, in case of a distributed tool like yours we many not see the invocation. We are supporting distcc and don’t know if emake shared similar strategy.