RuleSet not working for me

Hi I have recently Installed SOnarLint Extension for visual studio 2019. it is working as expectation and showing me messages as per expectation . now I have configured my c# project and edited my RuleSet file as below, so that when i compile whole project, my build should fail automatically.

Now the issue is though this below issues are reported by sonarLint, when i compile my project, whole compilation is not failing even if i have configured below erro in my ruleset file.

Is it necessary to have Sonar Qube/ Sonar Cloud for this :frowning: ??if not then why my build is not failing even if i have this erro in my project … (NOTE i dont have SonarQube/SonarCloud. I just have Sonarlint with me)
My Ruleset file :

Hi Gayatri,

Yes, you need either SonarQube Commercial Edition or SonarCloud integrated with your ALM/repo in order to fail a pipeline. What ALM are you using? We support tight integration with GitHub, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps and GitLab.