Rules not triggered apart from Duplications

Hello together,

I have used the trial version of the SonarQube Developer Edition to execute the SonarScanner on a project mainly written in the programming language C. When installing SonarQube I followed all instructions about the SonarCFamily (including the build-wrapper), but when executing the scanner, I would have expected more rules to be violated by the code.

Specifically speaking: a comparable static code analysis tool executed on the same code detected defects which I thought were represented by the SonarQube set of rules for the language C, but the Scanner did only show me “duplicate lines of code”-notifications.

My question is: if only “duplicate lines of code”-notifications are thrown, could there be a configuration problem with my SonarQube instance? I assumed that all rules of the specific language are checked when executing the scanner, so the other explanation would be that the rules are simply triggered differently.

I would be very thankful for your assistance.

Kind regards,
Julian Frattini

Hi @JulianFrattini,

Yes, it is likely to be a configuration issue. I would encourage you to update the SonarCFamily analyzer to version 6.4, we added some checks to inform the user when this kind of configuration issue happens. From there and looking at logs and configuration it should be able to see where the problem is.