Revert Sonarqube GitLab integration after login error

I am using v9.7 of Sonarqube and I have integrated it with GitLab. However, the GitLab application was deleted in error and can no longer authenticate to my Sonarqube instance. I want to revert the change changes on Sonarqube that allowed me to authenticate using Gitlab. How can I achieve this?

Managed to resolve the issues:

Login to your Sonarqube database and run the below query. The query enables you to disable GitLab authentication.

#update properties set text_value=‘false’ where prop_key=‘sonar.auth.gitlab.enabled’;

Thereafter, reset the password of your Sonarqube instance to the defaults by running the query below. The default credentials are admin/admin.

#update users set crypted_password = ‘$2a$12$uCkkXmhW5ThVK8mpBvnXOOJRLd64LJeHTeCkSuB3lfaR2N0AYBaSi’, salt=null, hash_method=‘BCRYPT’ where login = ‘admin’;


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