Restrict access to the list of members in the organisation

I’m not able to find a way to hide the list of members in my organization. From time to time I need to grant access to a subset of projects to someone external to our company. I can easily grant access to specific projects, but I did not find a way to block access to the list of all members in our organization. Actually, any member sees all other members.

Did you have a similar problem and were you able to solve it?


Hello @Piotr_Majcher ,

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This is currently not possible. I’ve added it as an insight internally.

Could you share more information about why those external contributors should not have access to the members list?

Hello Martin,

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Let’s imagine the following case. A software company has a single top-level GitLab namespace. Then every custom project has its own directory on the GitLab. SonarCould is integrated with the top-level namespace.

Occasionally, customers want access to a SonarCloud account to see the details of the project’s scans.

What would be beneficial is:

  • share access to the projects which are developed for this specific customer - possible now
  • do not share any resources the customer does not need, especially other projects (possible now) and list of SonarCloud members, including software company employees and other customers also willing to have access to the SonarCloud account. Especially the second case is critical. Sharing details about cooperation with some partners can be restricted by the NDA.
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Thank you for the clarification! I’ve added the details you provided to the insight.