Restoring of rules broken between 8.1 and 8.2

I’m using the embedded database so I cannot upgrade using the “normal” way.

Up to now backing up the old version’s rules and restoring them in the new version worked great. This time it didn’t. I have more than 440 rules enabled in 8.1 and only 2 of them are restored in 8.2 - " Failed unit tests should be fixed" and “Skipped unit tests should be either removed or fixed”. I’m talking about Java rules.

Any ideas?


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I guess you’ve seen this warning in the interface…?

What it means is that we simply don’t support the use of H2 for anything but initial evaluation. Why would you want to restore your rules when you can’t restore your project data. Instead of spending time on this, you should invest in installing a supported DB such as PostgreSQL and getting set up there.


Hi, thanks for the answer. I’ve seen this, yes. I’m using SonarQube for the reports, not for the history. I just run a full scan from time to time. And when a new version comes, I just restore the rules I’ve configured and scan with it. But now that broke…