RestAPI Support for Monorepo Project Import?

Is it possible to use the RestAPI to import a project into a monorepo? Looking at the documentation found at I would like to be able to do the section " Importing a monorepo" using the API vs doing it manual in the console.

The current API Enpoint for projects ( seems to be only for standalone repositories, but maybe I’m missing something?


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Hello @ps-aartread,

Creating a mono-repo is currently not supported by our public API. You can create a new suggestion (Suggest new features - SonarSource Community) and we will consider adding it.

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Thanks Tom for the information. I’ll add a suggestion. Appreciate the help.


Hi @TomVanBraband Can you please advise if any API is available now for monorepo project import in SonarCloud. If not, kindly let me know if you have ETA on the new feature request which is in place.

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Found the related issue that was created from this thread: RestAPI support for creating monorepo projects

looks like there hasn’t been any movement on this :frowning: has anyone figured out an automated workaround for this?