Response after SonarQube Version Upgrade

Hi, Team

We have upgraded from SonarQube LTS8.9 to LTS9.9.

After the upgrade, I had the following questions and had to cut back.

Please tell us about the following questions

・After the upgrade, the server ID was updated and the license key seemed to need to be updated as well.

The description on onarQube stated “Already purchased a license but need a new key? Reach out to”.

How long does it take to issue the certificate after I contact you?

・After upgrading, the “Projects” list is initialized, but is there any way to carry over the project information from before the upgrade?

Kisho Fukue


These two things are related to each other. Your server ID changed because your database URL changed.

And your projects list was “initialized” (re-set to empty, right?) because you pointed SonarQube at an empty database.

I advise double-checking the $SONARQUBE-HOME/conf/ of your 8.9 instance and copy/pasting the database-related setting from it into your 9.9 config. Hopefully a restart of your 9.9 instance will then get it pointed at your old/existing database, pre-populated with all your old projects.

Note that you’ll still need to run the database migration (step 6).


Hi, Ann

Thank you for your response.

I checked and found that some of the values in “” before the upgrade were not copied.

We will try the upgrade again with the values copied.

Kisho Fukue

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